DeZign for Databases

DeZign for Databases 12.0

Model, create, reverse-engineer, and maintain databases

DeZign for Databases is a highly powerful and versatile software tool specifically designed for total assistance to databases designers, programmers, and maintainers. This great tool is very useful for setting out and designing your databases, as well as for helping you to easily identify and correct the most common mistakes that are usually made at design time, like data duplication.

DeZign for Databases allows you to work through a visual interface, which is much more comfortable, intuitive, and easy. This is especially useful when you need to, for example, establish the relationships between your tables and databases, since you can easily identify the corresponding fields, thus avoiding mistakes. Besides that, the program allows you to select among all the different kinds of existing relationships, and set the necessary key and primary key fields for each table as necessary. The program does not only assist you at design time, but is also a very important support for all the subsequent tasks, like database documenting, and even code generation. You can get all of this automatically, and the program can even perform reverse-engineering operations to existing databases, so that you can retrieve those changes made to existing databases, and reflect them in the visual designing environment.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Visual interface
  • Helps on subsequent documenting and coding tasks


  • 30 days trial
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